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The Most Advanced Beauty Services by Doctors and Beauty Experts. Professionalism at its Highest Level.

Lead and founded by Miguel Angel Ortiz, Beauty Expert with over 29 years experience, Image Maker's team is highly qualified to highlight your beauty and correct any facial or body imperfection you may want to change.

The team is conformed by Miguel Angel Ortiz, Founder and Beauty Specialist, Dr. Daniel Carpman, MD, Dr. Elias Tobon, DDS, Dr. Jorge Gaviria, MD, a hair transplant specialist, Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso, MD, Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Lucy Castellanos, Nurse Practitioner that specializes in Laser and Injectables, Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist, Massage Therapists, Aestheticians and Facialists, and an Electrologyst, Aida Amaya.

Image Maker will provide you with a free consultation so we may guide you and educate you about all the options for your beauty needs.


Miguel Angel Ortiz
Founder. Licensed Cosmetologist, Permanent Makeup Artist, Esthetician and Medical Assistant with over 29 years experience in beauty. Miguel Angel has developed the Image Maker Beauty Line. He studied business administration, art and painting, thus his vocation for aesthetics. Hel lived in Europe a few years and worked for a globally known beauty line, has given conferences througout the world, teaching European and Asian beauty techniques and worked with world known plastic surgeons based in Miami. Miguel Angel has expanded his knowledge with seminars in Europe, USA, Asia and South America. Currently, Miguel Angel runs the Image Maker clinic as an image consultant and is a recognized figure in the area of aesthetics.

Miguel Angel Ortiz

Medical Doctors:

Dr. Daniel Carpman, MD.
Dr. Daniel Carpman's practice has focused on the areas of Dermatology and Cryosurgery. He served as a consultant to the Argentinean Cosmetology Society giving specialty courses, organizing meetings and educational campaigns. Education and experience define Dr. Carpman. The field of Dermatology is his passion. He also developed Dr. Carpman's Line.

Injectables, Laser, and PRP Rejuvenation.

Dr. Daniel Carpman, MD

Dr. Elias Tobon, DDS
Dr. Tobon graduated from Tufts University in 1992. He is proud to provide gentle aesthetic care with a great eye for beauty.
Procedures: Injectables, Laser, and PRP Rejuvenation.

Dr. Jorge Gaviria, MD, Hair Tranplant and Research, Diplomate of the ABHRS.

Dr. Gaviria's practice has been dedicated to Hair Transplant Surgery & Hair Loss.

He completed two accredited fellowship programs in hair restoration. He has a research & artistic craft background. Dr. Gaviria is an investigator and has authored several protocols on the topics of: Evidence Based Medicine and Scarless surgery, using ACell giving his patients painless quick recuperation after surgery.

He is respected for his honest and ethical assessment of a patient’s treatment options, exceptional surgical skills, and keen aesthetic sense in hair transplant design.

Dr. Jorge Gaviria, MD

Dr. Jorge Gaviria is licensed to practice medicine and surgery in the U.S., Spain, Colombia and Puerto Rico. His practice specialties include the creation of low frontal hairlines and corrective hair transplant procedures, which require a great deal of experience and expertise.
Procedures: Hair and Eyebrow Transplant Procedure, Injectables, Laser, and PRP Rejuvenation.

Jeffrey LaGrasso, MD, Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Jeffrey LaGrasso is a well known plastic surgeon. His surgical skills were perfected through his extensive training and experience. Dr. LaGrasso completed his General Surgical training at the New York Hospital of Queens and did his Plastic Surgical training at Albany Medical Center in New York State.

Dr. LaGrasso’s training and practice with some of the most respected Plastic Surgeons in New York, California and Florida have contributed to his superior surgical skill set. His extensive education and experience is why Jeffrey LaGrasso, MD is considered to be one of the foremost Plastic Surgeons today.

Dr. LaGrasso's results are of paramount importance. As he is never satisfied; Dr. LaGrasso is always looking for newest, most advanced technologies to improve his surgeries and patients results.

Jeffrey R. Lagrasso, MD

Nurse Practitioner:

Lucy Castellanos, RN, MSN specializes in cosmetic aesthetic procedures: injectables and laser. A true professional, Lucy is very interested in beauty and offers high quality professional services.

A Professional Staff:

Licensed Permanent Makeup Artists, Massage Therapists, Aestheticians, Facialists, and an Electrologyst.

Our Team of Consummate Professionals are among the best in the industry. Helpful, knowledgeable and always offering a smile. Our Staff will do its best to help and guide you with all your beauty needs. We will try to accomodate your schedule and personal needs.

Lucy Castellanos, RN, MSN

Yurian Molano: Permanent Makeup and Cosmetology Professional

With 15 years recognized as respected technician and trainer, Yurian is making a difference in the permanent makeup, massage and cosmetology fields, offering facials, permanent eyelash extensions, eyebrow shaping and massage therapies, including Lipomax..

Aida Amaya: Licenced Laser Technician and Electrologyst

Procedures and Services:

A Broad Range of the Most Advanced Procedures Available:
Body Treatments
Hair Transplant
Permanent Makeup
Lashes and Eyebrows

Video Dr. Daniel Carpman, MD

With Deepak Chopra & Andreas Oppenheimer

Dr. Daniel Carpman, MD

Talks about the Dr. Carpman's hair line

Some of Image Maker's Staff

Aida Amaya, Laser and ElectrologyAida Amaya, Licensed Laser and Electrology Specialist.

Yurian MolanoYurian Molano, Licensed Permanent Makeup and Cosmetology Professional.